Everyone has a story, here's ours:


We are Karl & Bertrand, we met at school 8 years ago.


We both worked in digital agencies , we saw a lot (thousands?) of websites. We produced a few, in agency with teams or just the two of us in freelance.


A lot of them died or changed. We were sad, really sad. We had no history of what the sites looked like and worst when we liked a site it was in our browser's bookmarks without preview.

At that time there was only a solution that could do the job but it worked only on a mac and wasn’t synced on your different computers (ie: at home & at work). So clearly no way to share it with your team.


When we decided to build hypershoot, it was just a side project that allowed you to do snapshots of your favorites websites.


Now it’s aimed at you and your team. We want to create a space for teams where people could collaborate & be inspired at the same time. If you’re working in an agency of 50 people, there should be a way to show other people the sites you find. On top of that, we want it to be not only a place for designers but for people working on & loving websites.


We want to make this easy.

Hypershoot is not funded with millions of dollars but with our motivation & time.


Want to reach us? Try twitter or a kind mail is always nice.