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  • • What’s the difference between the Freelance & Team plan?

    The team plan is designed for teams with collaborative features such as collaborative collections, team feed to follow what your colleague discover and the ability to sync a collection with a Slack channel.

  • • Can I save any kinds of urls?

    There are some urls that we're not able to keep capture right now. Any url behind a paywall/login page is inaccessible to us.

  • • Can I change my plan?

    You can upgrade or downgrade at anytime. You won’t loose anything but may be blocked to add new items if you have more than the free limitation.

  • • Why Hypershoot is not free?

    Hypershoot is an independant & self-funded business. We've be here for 5 years now and don't plan to shut down, if Hypershoot was free we wouldn't be able to pay the bills we would have shut it down.

  • • Your question is not answered?

    Feel free to reach us out at [email protected]